Cablenet \ ΕΧΩ ΚΑΤΙ ΝΑ ΣΟΥ ΠΩ<


Cablenet, our telecommunications client asked us to created an unforgettable image campaign that will stand out among the countless offer campaigns the bigger telecommunications brands bombard the media with daily. The challenge was not a simple one, Cablenet at the time had no new product and it lacked mobile telephony that its competitors had. We had to find a different angle. Following our disruption methodology, we disrupted the category and focused on the true meaning of good communication. We told a story of a couple who are having a telephone conversation about their aspirations, feelings, thoughts and life. The overall commercial points us towards the importance of great communication, not just between two people, but how necessary communication is in our life. The commercial was also the longest in duration at the time, ever to be aired in Cyprus. To build further buzz around the commercial, we also created a Facebook app, where you had to answer questions on the TV spot to win Cablenet products.